The state of the art interior is equipped with 2 Panasonic 65” full HD plasma monitors for MCR and 42” HD LCDs for studio floors.  The K2 Dyno reply system includes K2 Summit HD/SD production server with 80 hours of ingest, clip store, highlight reel creation and replay as well as the full range of Clearcom Eclipse Median System.
At the core of the OB structure lies the Grasvalley Kayak HD 3 M/E video production switcher, providing the directors greater flexibility and functionality from within the shoot.  It is made up of the Jupiter MPK 48 x 1 single bus control panel and a BPS routing switcher control panel with Forty-eight source selection- and six level selection push buttons.  The trimix NXT digital video routing switcher with Multi-viewer, 128 frame HD 64x32 increases productivity and includes three different redundancy options.
Highly professional LDK8000 cameras are used to capture HD images natively and switch instantly between multiple formats and frame rates whilst offering advance picture quality. Our OB Van offers a wide range of Canon HD lenses including the DG 60x, HJ 40, KJ 22 tele lenses, KJ10 Wide Angle, KJ 17 Standards and Tele lenses. Supported by Pro-Ped Pedestal and Vinten vision 250 Tripod Systems and Dollies.
The Calrec Artemis console lies at the centre of our sound room with a 40 fader frame.  The Artemis manages 240 fully featured DSP channels and the unique surround spill controls make it easy to create stunning 5.1 mixes.
We are extremely excited to welcome the Hedgehog High Definition Outside Broadcast truck to the PostCity network after the signing of an agreement between MMX|Broadcast and the Beirut-based production company Hedgehog, to bring their state of the art High Definition OB to South Africa.

The Hedgehog OB brings together a full service offering which has been in the making for a few years. MMX|Broadcast, a division of the well-established Mastermax Productions group of companies has been operating in the broadcast space for more than 15 years offering its local and international clients world class service, with all the wholesome homemade flavour you would expect from a proudly South African production company.
In todays ever changing and growing demand for high channel count live location recording or specialised large format musical content productions that needs audio to be captured in the moment, MMX|OB1 (the MMX location recording & broadcast trailer) is the ideal mobile control room to take care of the critical audio needs of any size production.

With shows like the MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA'S), Mumford & Sons Live In South Africa, The Hustle, Joyous Celebration and many more high-profile shows and artists entrusting their most precious live musical moments in the hands of the MMX Location Recording and Broadcast team and facilities, you can count on receiving the treatment expected of a World-class service provider.
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